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Creator address: C3k1wg7NSE7Da4AKoLgPDnCf9uPkCrZ3pqKNwEUJZdse

Welcome to GrosPifs, the French NFTs Flair-play club

GrosPifs is a collection of 10,000 NFTs unique digital collectibles living on the Solana blockchain.

Grab one GrosPifs and keep it quietly warm in your wallet, it will open to you the doors of the GrosPifs Club a super flair-play spot…

gif nft gros pifs

Mint unique French NFTs

Each GrosPif NFT is original and unique inspired by comic books from our childhood. Each character is generated by an algorithm from 250 traits. More than eight hundred million combinations are possible! 

The algorithm will create 10,000 GrosPifs and not one more!

Hosted on decentralized servers, the entire team is carefully optimized to facilitate loading and trading while consuming as little energy as possible. The GrosPifs may be a caricature of our society, but they are committed to living in harmony with our world.

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